Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Third Person

My friend Serf came to visit me, in SL. He was so excited that he HAD to tell me what had happened to him and he asked me to let him come to my house to talk to me. I was worried. I thought that he might have been hurt or was ill or something even worse.

When he arrived, he was wearing a tee shirt with the word "Cocksucker" on it. He asked could he kneel for me, and I allowed that. He then proceeded to tell me what had happened to him today. He was so excited that he asked to be able to tell me in voice, rather than typing. I agreed to listen to him, though not to respond in kind. I always type.

What he had to tell me was that a friend of his, a lady who works in the restaurant he frequents, (he does her errands for her, but no sex) picked him up today and took him to a man's house and she convinced the man to allow Serf to give him a blow job/facial type. And then she took him to her house where she convinced another man, who seemed embarrassed, to receive a blow job from Serf.

I asked him how he felt about that (humiliated, embarrassed, ashamed) and why he was so excited. He said the excitement came afterwards when he saw how much his Miss had enjoyed watching them. He had pleased her, and that excited him. So much so that his hands were shaking and I could detect the excitement in his voice. And what is more, he was getting excited all over again when I quizzed him about his feelings and had him tell the story over again. How did I feel about this? I was titillated myself! So much so that I gave him this blog address and directed him to write a post here to tell his story again.

I can hardly wait until next week for him to give me a report on his next adventure with his kinky Miss. Oh. I am now to call him Cocksucker, as that is his new name.

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