Resources for the Questioning Domme

These sites have been helpful to me in my search for my domme-ness. Maybe you will find some nuggets of wisdom to help you become more comfortable in living your dominant life with your submissive friends and lovers. Knowledge is power, I say. And face it, is all about the power.

  • Delving into Deviance. The blogger gives a young lady some advice about discovering her own desires and dominating her new boyfriend. (Archives still up.)
  • The Roman Dominatrix by Giles English: Gives a different point of view, and a method for being a vanilla domme, and yet keep a happy sub. The AVE method is spelled out, easy to follow and fun for both partners. I recommend this book very highly for new and questioning dominants.
  • A list of books that have a lot to say about becoming a dominant woman. Domme Chronicles Book List.
  • About FLR is all about training both for the new domme and her submissive man. Very interesting reading, and self-assessments. Good advice about planning where you are taking your relationship. No porn, just relationship building guidance.
  •  The Vanilla Dominatrix, by Giles English: Advice for partners of vanilla women on how to turn your relationship into an FLR. 
  • Im-hers is the blog of a service-oriented submissive to a dominant wife. I like the way he explains his philosophy and experiences.
  • Becoming a Mistress: This blogger is evidently a very loving domme, and I like her style and information that makes you think. Her Webteases are a hoot, and I am going to use them with My treasure!
  • Seekers:  Lots of information about the D/s lifestyle. Good relationship information.
  • Real Women Don't Do Housework: I learned so much about my husband and how to manage him from this website! My husband is doing the floors and being more proactive about preparing breakfast after only two days of training. Amazing.
  • Mistress Millicent's Blog: A Dominatrix in Seattle that writes really nice erotic fiction, as well. 
  • The Mistress Manual: The Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance by Mistress Lorelei (available on Kindle from
more resources to come!


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    1. Thanks for the link!

      However, "The Vanilla Dominatrix" is actually for subbish men with vanilla partners. My new book "How to be a Roman Dominatrix" is for adventurous women who are not naturally kinky but would like to dominate their men. (Let me know if you want a free review copy, though I am sure it has nothing to teach you.)

  2. Forgive me, but the 3rd to last link seems to be incomplete...

    "y husband is doing the floors and being more proactive about preparing breakfast after only two days of training. Amazing."

    Or is that a comment that goes with another link?


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