Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nice Girls Do....Don't They?

Giles English, over at How Do I Get My Partner to Dominate Me wrote a few months ago about women not wanting to admit to enjoying femdom. How does this guy know so much about women, especially vanilla women? Anyway, it is a good blog post to read. In it, Giles puts his finger exactly on the one thing I have the most trouble with: Nice girls don't hurt, maim, humiliate, tease, hit, use, or otherwise be mean to the people they love (or anyone else.)

It is necessary to learn these lessons, or none of us would be able to survive in a civilized society (if you can call what we have, civilized)...well, a community anyway. So this is ingrained in us. How do we get over feeling guilty for being able to be mean to our submissive partner. His submission means he has given us permission to do so...but we still worry about hurting him, physically or emotionally. And being seen as a mean person. Or an abusive person. Or a bully.

My treasure likes me to be more aggressive with him, but all I want to do is clutch him to my bosom and love him up. Except when he pisses me off. Then I want to kick him. But nice girls don't kick. Do they?

What do you think about this, and how can I change this gut feeling, that I am hurting him when I do what he has given me permission to do?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Love, Romance and Pornography

A blog post about love, romance and pornography from Female-friendly Femdom

One of the most thoughtful and to my mind, reasonable and logical explanations of the differences between men and women regarding, love, romance and pornography.

The logical leap from this to the subject of male submission is that apparently a submissive man is not afraid to love and care for another human being. That makes him different from those men that have commitment issues,are abusive, and that hate women. That makes him extra-special in my eyes, and it makes me so happy that I have been surrounded by such men all my life. And lucky too. I had a father who was not afraid to love fiercely, loyally and nurturingly. My husband, my sons and my submissive friend are all men like that. They love. I am so blessed.

The submissive man who is not afraid of love is the very best of men.

Which reminds me: Happy Father's Day to all you fathers who are not afraid to love, protect and nurture your sons and daughters, and to love, protect and nurture your women.