Saturday, June 2, 2012

Love, Romance and Pornography

A blog post about love, romance and pornography from Female-friendly Femdom

One of the most thoughtful and to my mind, reasonable and logical explanations of the differences between men and women regarding, love, romance and pornography.

The logical leap from this to the subject of male submission is that apparently a submissive man is not afraid to love and care for another human being. That makes him different from those men that have commitment issues,are abusive, and that hate women. That makes him extra-special in my eyes, and it makes me so happy that I have been surrounded by such men all my life. And lucky too. I had a father who was not afraid to love fiercely, loyally and nurturingly. My husband, my sons and my submissive friend are all men like that. They love. I am so blessed.

The submissive man who is not afraid of love is the very best of men.

Which reminds me: Happy Father's Day to all you fathers who are not afraid to love, protect and nurture your sons and daughters, and to love, protect and nurture your women.


  1. Yes, I could not agree with you more. The submissive man, who loves and cares about you is a very special treasure. Like your father, my father was also very loving and very caring.
    He was devoted to my mother and to the family.

    And thank you for posting on my blog. And yes, I agree one of the fun things of traveling without you guy is being able to flirt a little. When you are alone or with other women men tend to smile at you more than when a guy is with you. Love, Kathy

    1. Thanks, Kathy. Glad you are back!


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