Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Roman Dominatrix

I have just finished reading Giles English's latest book, The Roman Dominatrix. It was wonderful. A lot of our discussions in the femdom blog world have been about women who are having a hard time reconciling being dominant with being a nice girl.

They feel pressured by their partners as well as the BDSM community to be more kinky, to be more into BDSM, when we are really just basically vanilla. That scares a lot of women off.

The book, The Roman Dominatrix gives me a different point of view, and a method for being a vanilla domme, and yet keep a happy sub. The AVE method is spelled out, easy to follow and fun for both partners. I recommend this book very highly for new and questioning dominants.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Not as kinky as I thought.

I always make these statements...and then when I learn more, read more and understand more, I sometimes change my mind. I have no reason to think this might not happen in this case.
I have been reviewing the various D/s related kinks and fetishes that people seem to embrace. I even went so far as to do some reading on why people adopt kinks or fetishes in the first place. Of course I have no idea about the genesis of my own. But I will share them with you, at least the ones I am sure about.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pushing the Envelope

Celebrating our wedding anniversary in a luxury hotel in a lovely city on the coast. When hubby told me that this surprise treat was all about me, and we would do whatever I wanted to do all weekend, I immediately thought that I would use the opportunity to push our envelope a bit.

I had hubby touch up my toenail polish. He was so cute figuring out how to keep the surface smooth. Of course that meant that it took longer than it would if I did them myself, but he will get better with practice, and I think I will give him plenty of practice.

At breakfast, he started to take the seat with his back to the wall, and he knows I hate sitting with my back to the room. He glanced at me, and I gestured to the opposite seat. He glanced at the hostess, and then away as he took the correct seat.

We had several sessions of teasing and denial. I have had three wonderful orgasms. He is great with his tongue and lips. Hubby has had one orgasm, as an anniversary treat. We just came back from a wonderful steak dinner...champagne too. Tomorrow we head home. I like this trend, and I sure intend to keep it up.

My Treasure has been offline all weekend. His area of Virginia has been without electricity for two days, so he, of course, has no internet. Even as I am enjoying our trip with my hubby, I am worrying about my subby.

This has been a great holiday weekend for the Stealth Domme!