Saturday, March 10, 2012

What about Romance?

Got to thinking after Valentine's Day. My date night with hubby was nice, but kind of routine. On the other hand, my date night online with My Treasure was very nice. Romantic. He does not often play the romance card, but when he does, it is delightful.

I suppose that my day to day time with my husband is often romantic...and we have been doing it for so many years, that the feeling is more of comfort and familiarity, than thrills and excitement. That is to be expected, I guess, especially when we are stressed and busy and have to squeeze in time together. We are usually so tired, that when we find time together, we just want to sleep. And eat. But he is very good about doing little romantic things that I like, like sending me teasing emails and sending flowers and surprising me. (Limousine in NYC...with champagne!)

My online Treasure, on the other hand, hardly ever gets to be romantic with me, because I am the one calling the shots, most of the time. I occasionally ask him what he would like to do, but that does not lend itself to romance. How can he be romantic when I manage his every action? No surprises there.

However, on Valentine's Day, My Treasure was romantic. He surprised me with a new trap apparatus that featured him imprisoned in the center of a flower, naked, and he presented me with the controls. Plus there was the usual card with shooting hearts (which I love). We played happily the rest of the evening while he told me how much he loves me and how he thinks romantic thoughts about me. I found that so charming.

So, while he is my submissive and I love him, he thinks of me as his girlfriend, and he thinks of me romantically. There is a place for romance in a D/s relationship. So glad we found that out.

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