Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Treasure's Playlist for his Domina

His task was to make a playlist that illustrates how he feels about me and our relationship. He, as usual, does a great job. Some of the songs are weird, but I guess they meet the criteria. These were HIS songs that made HIM think about us.  So really, I should not complain. I do enjoy the other selections he has made for our playlist.

Our relationship is difficult, being online and long distance. We rarely get to see each other (though I intend to remedy that soon…that is another post) and never get to touch. We do talk online every day, and several times a week on the phone. But I have to dominate him virtually and find ways to do that. What is required is that we have mutual trust. I think we do have that trust, but I have to do something that satisfies him as well as me in order to keep the D/s relationship intact. 

One of the things I like to do is having him complete tasks for me.  He has to have instructions and he has to be able to prove his devotion and submission to me. My treasure has several responsibilities, and he is very attentive to them. One is reminding me of appointments and commitments. He also is the detail man, making sure that I am prepared for whatever the appointment requires. He does research, keeps notes, and coordinates logistics. And he takes good care of me in that regard. However, I sometimes give him other tasks. Special tasks that keep me at the forefront of his thoughts.

The last task, the playlist, was fun for him, I think, because it did challenge him and he knew it would create something tangible for me to keep. I think about him and us the entire time I am listening to it. And because it is also on his Spotify, he can enjoy “our songs” as much as I do.  

The other day I was listening, and the lyrics of the song, “I’m Your Man” by Leonard Cohen, got me to thinking. We were in Second Life, and he was masturbating for me.  I told him to take his (real life) penis out of his pants and basically just let it lay there, exposed, so that I could direct him to fondle it, or masturbate, or not, as my whim determined. I like the idea of making him expose himself for my entertainment.  I told him that I could order him to turn on his webcam (it had been broken, but now it is working again…which he “forgot” to tell me) and watch him with his penis. He volunteered that he would prefer that I not do that. (I had not asked his preference in the matter, and though I know he does not react well to being humiliated…he should not feel humiliated under my eye should he?) I think (I hope) he understood that I can watch him and his penis if I want to, and that he has no privacy from me. He and everything about him belongs to me. I reminded him that either he was my man (thank you Leonard Cohen) or not.He was quick to assure me that he was my man. But I think he was a little frightened that I could command him to turn on his webcam if I felt like it. And he would have to do it.

So I thank you, my treasure, for reminding the both of us about our relationship with your really nice selection of music for us. Here it is.

Playlist for Domina

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