Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Femme Domme: Femininity and Finding One's Dominance

This is a post I wish I had written. Now go there and read this. Now.
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  1. I liked that article as well.

    I am VERY happy that my Queen, has a dominant and also very feminine side. I did not want to be married to a man, and yet it is SHE who makes the decisions and it is SHE whom I gladly obey.

    Actually there is a very natural power dynamic that has always been very feminine and we ignore such only at our peril.

    I once read a Naomi Wolf book in which she was talking about girls and their fantasy life.

    She turned the common idea that girls playing with dolls proved that they were not power hungry on it's head.

    This play is practice for her future just like any young mammal will do. Girls are practicing for their role as both nurturer and authority figure in their future home.

    Just how big are those dolls compared to the real life girl who places them into any situation SHE chooses and makes the whole doll family do JUST as SHE wants them to?

    The same in a different way can be said about many girl's love of horses. Horses are BIG, STRONG, and obedient to the will of girls as young as 10. Gladly will they eat out of her hand.

    And many young girls LOVE their horses...

    1. My mother told me once, when I was talking about my daughter's "horse phase" and remembering my own, that the horse was a powerful phallic symbol, and one that we controlled.

  2. I think when men ask "Where are all the dominant women?" what they are really asking is:
    "Where are all the women who will dress in leather or latex and spank me or make me lick their boots whenever I want them too? Where are all the women who will go fetch me a beer and do all the housework for me while I watch TV after I have gotten all my submissiveness out of my system?"

    1. You know, i think you are absolutely right. As you usually are.

  3. Please Ma'am.

    You will give me a superiority complex, and if anyone thinks being a man who is dedicated to serving and obeying his wife is kind of messed up, just imagine how insane being that same guy thinking he is right all the time would be.


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