Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sex in the 55 to 65 demographic

<strong> © <a href=''>Annalisaball</a> | <a href=''></a></strong>I admit it. I am in that demographic. This is when, actually, I started to really come into my own sexually and recognizing my dominance after I had my hysterectomy and was suddenly free from birth control. Since then, I have been exploring the Femdom blogosphere, and have met many, many intelligent, articulate and wonderful people who have helped me in my journey to realizing my power in my relationships. But all this happened after age 45. (I also have discovered a definite appreciation of the mature male form!)

Today I found this article on, which is the results of a survey they have taken on sexual lives of people in my demographic!

These findings reassure me. My instincts are still good. I am not alone in this.

  • Some of you are in the process of discovering more about your sexuality.
  • The more important sex is to people, the greater their level of satisfaction in their relationships.
  •  Your narratives show that if you can discuss your sexual needs with your partner, you can overcome pretty much anything that life throws at you.
  • Though some may assume that lack of sexual novelty is problematic in a long-term relationship, many of you are thriving on a combination of familiarity and creativity.
  • Clearly, the more couples invest in their sexual relationship, the more they get out of it.
  • Almost two-thirds say going on holiday improves your sex life
So, friends, it seems that it's true that the more you pay attention to your sexual life in your relationship, the better you'll find it and the more satisfied you will be in your life. I thought so!

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  1. I think intimacy as one also in this age group is so much better than the shorter-intenser lovemaking of being younger. I never understood when young how an older, heavier, wrinklier, grayer, balder person could enjoy lovemaking more than the taut, young, virile one in their youth. Those young ones have no idea just how much better we old geezers are then they at this part of life. Thanks for posting.

  2. In my 20s and 30s, I was having so much fun being "hot," that I just never thought about what happens when one gets older. Now I am so glad that my husband and I are taking advantage of our empty nest to pay more attention to our sexual relationship. Thanks for commenting!

  3. We were fascinated to find this blog. We are a couple in our 50s who have discovered the femdom 'game'quite recently. As the previous poster commented, when we were younger we thought that sexual activity would probably have all but finished when in fact we believe it's the best time of our lives. It helps that we are completely in love but adding that naughtiness of the games adds a different dimension

    1. Glad you found your way here. I totally agree that age and familiarity open up many new avenues for naughtiness!

  4. While not quite being in that demographic, why on earth should sex just disappear because you get a bit older? There isn't an off switch anywhere, at least I haven't found one - though mind you, I am not looking all that hard ;)

    1. You would be surprised at how many younger people still think like this in this day and age!

  5. I'm smack in the middle of the demographic and from my vantage point things are better now than in the 45 or so years of activity that got me here.


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