Saturday, December 15, 2012


At my husband's company holiday party the other night, I was introduced to my husband's secretary (or as she calls it, "administrative assistant") who is a nice, nerdy girl. I was also introduced to her boyfriend, a stunningly handsome man who obviously works out. He was carrying two plates of food. When he approached, she, in the middle of a conversation with another woman, didn't even look at him, but pointed firmly to a nearby chair. He sat. She continued her conversation while he cut up the food on one of the plares, and then held it out until she noticed it and took it. She was still talking and laughing, until she noticed the waiter bringing two glasses of wine. "Why is HE bringing drinks?"  she asked, laughing. The boyfriend smiled gently and said, "He saw me trying to carry it all and offered to help." She said thank you to the waiter, and began to eat while explaining to all of us why some departments at work need to update their event calendars. Boyfriend quietly ate his food while listening to her. He could not take his eyes off her. He was smiling.

My husband, who is too gregarious for his own good, said on the way home, "I think Lori's boyfriend was bored." I smiled there in the darkness. "I think he enjoyed himself. I wouldn't worry about him."


  1. Do you think your husband was oblivious to the sub?

    I see similar activities at the bar where I work, guys getting the food and drinks for their women, with submissive gestures. Other patrons don't seem to notice (are they unfazed about it?).

    I like it when they do it because there's less work for me.

  2. They probably don't know what to look for. My husband, who has submissive tendencies himsekf, thinks he is just a doting husband. I know better.

  3. Since I have opened up communications with my wife about my submissive yearnings and started experiencing more in the way of a FLR in the past year or less, I have started to be aware of other couples and wondering if they have some sort of FLR, even thought it may not be something they understand or are aware of.

    Family gatherings are interesting when I consider how all my sister in laws appear very likely to be capable and less than overtly controlling their husbands.

    Makes me want to spread the good word like a missionary for the lifestyle.
    Hey folks! Check it out, you don't know how much some orgasm denial can help your relationship!

  4. Ms. Naydi,

    An interesting post. I'm also in a FemDom relationship and even though we don't flaunt it in public, I think more people notice little things than we actually think. If you're into the lifestyle, I think it's inevitable.


  5. It gets blurry - perhaps the bf was just grateful to have the hot geek girl? Do you think they know what they're drifting into?

  6. I have to say i think most healthy F/m relationships are actually FLR in reality. They may not be overtly D/s but in general the guy follows Her direction and Her word is usually the final one on most issues. I've seen many examples of the scene You witnessed. i think it's fairly common actually. i once new a couple who were very much like what you described. The Women was clearly the boss and he jumped anytime She gave an order to do something or seemed displeased. he was totally at Her beck and call. i recall one time where he brought Her a coffee, She took one taste and declared it not good enough, "get me another one". he jumped into action and was gone in a flash no questions asked.

    Love Your blog by the way!


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