Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eternal Vigilance is Exhausting

I don't know if it is laziness, complacency, or carelessness on my part that leads my man to snap at me when I correct him, to make stupid decisions on his own, or to just be careless in his service. I don't let these things pass, but they really shouldn't happen, should they? 

I was so angry when I got a call from the bank reminding me that the monthly payment was late...first time in 10 years. I could not believe it. Our motto has always been that you pay the rent first, and then the water and lights. This is a simple lesson passed on by my grandmother. I find that it holds true. You can live just fine if you make sure you have shelter, water, electricity and groceries. The rest is fluff. It is my fault for not checking up on the bills every month, or even every other month. I think, however that my displeasure made a strong impression, but I have to be more vigilant. 

My Treasure snapped at me on the phone, when I was being particularly stubborn, and pressing a point about what I think he ought to do. Now the thing with unsolicited advice from one's Domme, is you have the option of not following this advice, but you do not have the option of not listening to it. I have not yet thought of a suitable punishment for using that particularly masculine tone of voice with me. Ladies, you know that tone I mean. I am open for punishment suggestions. Remember, he is an online sub.


  1. Sorry, I am confused... if he is an online sub, how is this...?

    1. Sorry I made this confusing. I was pretty angry. First offender was hubby. Second one was online sub.


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