Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Little Background

When I got married, I knew what kind of person I was and still am. I was raised by a mother and grandmother who knew who they were and did what they wanted to do. They both had husbands who adored them and would do whatever it took to make them happy.

When I found my husband, I knew that he was the same kind of man. He adores me, and he really will do whatever it takes to make me happy. We rarely fight, and when we do, it is over something trivial, and it is over in a few seconds. Once we didn't speak for an hour, and both of us were miserable. I recently realized it is because he backs down because he knows that I am usually right, he can't tell me what to do, and that his life will be so much easier if I get my way.

My aunt's husband told me once, that the secret of his happy life is that he does exactly what his wife tells him to do, and thus he is free of any kind of stress at all, and has the time and the support to achieve HIS dreams. My husband, I suspect, feels the same way. Because really, his home is his sanctuary, because I am there, and I am happy and satisfied.

I did not realize, until a couple of years ago, that my husband, my father, my step-grandfather, my uncle...they are all submissive men. They would not like to hear that, but they actually are. 

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  1. I know I'm commenting a lot all at once, but I hear what you're saying maybe more clearly than most. Can't stop myself from letting you know that.


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