Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Treasure, my knight

One day in Second Life, I met my Treasure. My Knight. He has only ever wanted to serve me. He is a strong man, a protective man, and he belongs to me, heart and soul. He came into my Second Life at the exact moment that I needed him. And he offered his service to me.

Now we have been together online more than a year. My relationship with him has taught me so much about how a man who wishes to serve actually feels. He felt unsure of himself after several failed relationships online and in real life, but eventually he was able to place himself in my relatively inexperienced hands.

I learned so much from him. We started going to munches and seminars and discussion groups. He has a submissive men's support group he attends regularly, and I enjoy hearing the summary when he comes home. We make a point of learning something new every month about Dominance and submission. We also make a point of doing a quality check periodically. I ask him how I'm doing and ask for suggestion for improvement. He doesn't have to ask me...I always point out his shortcomings as I notice them.

My Treasure likes to show the world that he is owned by me. So even though it is not something I think much about, he likes to be leashed when we go out. He likes me to have him sit on the floor facing me when we are in company (kind of disconcerting to my friends, but they are too well-mannered to interefere) and he likes when others ask may they speak to him.

I have always thought of him as my bodyguard. He is strong and imposing, and he serves me from a position of strength. The Queen and her knight. He gives his life to serve me of his own volition, and is always watching for danger. He is quick to protect me and steer me out of harm's way. He is my Knight. I am his Queen. He is my votary. I am his Goddess.

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