Monday, May 21, 2012

Love Languages

Everyone in this FLR blogosphere seems to be doing that Love Languages assessment thingy. I wonder how many people actually bought the product after playing with it.

Well, my treasure and I took the assessment quiz. While the results were not really surprising to us, it did enable us to have a conversation about what is important to each of us when it comes to expressing love and feeling loved. I think we needed the conversation, because we had been having an issue with our communication skills lately. The assessment confirmed things we knew, and revealed some things about one another that further confirmed what we knew. This is mine:

Love Language Scores:
11 Words of Affirmation
7 Quality Time
5 Receiving Gifts
5 Acts of Service
2 Physical Touch

Words of Affirmation
Actions don't always speak louder than words. If this is your love language, unsolicited compliments mean the world to you. Hearing the words, "I love you," are important--hearing the reasons behind that love sends your spirits skyward. Insults can leave you shattered and are not easily forgotten.

Now my treasure's results were mostly Acts of Service (no surprise there), then Quality Time, at 7, just like my own score, and then Words of Affirmation.

We both scored low on Receiving Gifts and Physical Touch, which is convenient since we are in an online relationship. This might be the reason our relationship works. What is most important for us is the Acts of Service, the Quality Time spent together, and the words. We have decided to maximize the time we spend together. He will work on communicating his feelings to me, and I will let myself be served more intentionally.

Playing this little game actually did function as a tool for us to use in our communication-building. I think if we remember what motivates the other, it will be a positive way to strengthen our relationship, too. Maybe I WILL buy the book!

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