Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So Many Issues, So Many Questions

Caught a glimpse of the title of a forum...Interracial D/s relationships. Didn't stop to read it, but I wonder, what is the deal with that? I may not have mentioned that I am African-American (Black) and my Treasure is Caucasian. He is also older than me, though not by much. I can honestly say that we have not once thought about these things in our relationship...well, I haven't. I wonder if he has issues around that? (I seriously doubt it, though.) The issue of race comes up in our conversation very incidentally...and we accommodate it, laugh at it, or it is just incidental to the topic.

I have to say, though, that he does eat "white people food." What is the deal with Brussels Sprouts anyway? (He taunts me with them!)

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  1. Brussels sprouts are yummy! Especially with bacon. The key is to steam them for a few minutes so they're not bitter. ;-)


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