Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Feeling of Being Owned

My Treasure said to me the other day that he likes to be bound, wear his collar, as well as go around leashed to me, because it gives him a satisfactory feeling of being owned. He said that he has never been very social, not much of a "joiner." Being bound, collared and leashed makes him like he belongs (at least in our alternate universe).

Of course, he belongs to me, but I have always been careful to protect him from the vanilla men we encounter (women do not seem to find it odd that I have a submissive) by just requiring the collar. Evidently I do not need to protect him. He likes it. He told me that being collared and leashed in public, and bound in private (and sometimes in public!) tells the world that I have chosen him, that he is capable of satisfying a strong, outgoing and successful woman. So, his collar and leash are his way of showing off!

The important thing, though, is that it makes him feel safe, cared for and that I am thinking of him. That I am showing the world that "he is Mine." I am showing the world that he is someone I care about and care for. So I am showing off, too. Maybe I will take him for a walk on his leash this evening.

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