Thursday, December 29, 2011

Why I love him

I gave my treasure a writing assignment. I believe it is helpful to both of us to do a quality check once in a while, so I know if I am doing what I should for him, and he knows how I feel about his service and his care for me. So I had him write out a status report, as it were. That inspired me to to write an email to him explaining why I love him. This is why I love my old man, my submissive man, my treasure.

My treasure, that was so special. Now I have to do an assignment myself. What do I treasure about you?
I treasure your support and loyalty, and how you are quick to help me, to comfort me. I love your companionship, and you always make me laugh. It is touching how you are sometimes shy with me. Your sense of adventure is precious to me. You are always up for something new, and you have a passion for learning new things. You also are able to lead as well as follow, and I am proud of you every day, watching you do that in your management of the denizens of the mansion.

All in all, I have the feeling that you are a much nicer person than me...and I am so glad that you have decided to surrender to me, and I can count on you to keep me grounded and on the right path, by the sheer force your goodness. Do you know, I have never ever seen you be mean to someone? Stay as beautiful as you are.

I will do much better in keeping you bound up and bound to me. Promise.

Your Domina

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