Thursday, September 13, 2012

Susan Gower, sex therapist and relationship advisor? Seriously?

Ok, I call "Bullshit."

Once upon a time there was this random woman who wrote an article justifying the cuckhold lifestyle. She wrote an article that claims to be the result of "science." Her premise is that women are hard-wired to spread it around, while men should naturally be kept to one woman. Not only is this riduculous assertion served up with absolutely no evidence or proof whatsover, it flies in the face of actual scientific evidence based on research done by actual social scientists.

I searched, and I am a kick-ass researcher. The only evidence that this woman exists is this article attibuted to her. Lots and lots of people cite this article as their proof. Unfortunately this is the only evidence of this theory. It's self-serving and ridiculous. Who knew it was so easy to become an expert? I think I will become a sex therapist and relationship counselor since there is no requirement for actual research, study, or work. One article justifying my desire to do whatever i want to do is evidently all it takes. 


Note: If anyone can direct me to any evidence that supports this woman's existence, credentials, or her claim of "evidence" I will be glad to post a retraction.
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  1. The theory itself is self-contradictory. If men are indeed limited to a single partner, just whom are these alleged women "spreading it around" with??




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